Taoyuan Halloween City has different activity themes every day, giving you different surprises every day!!!

Taoyuan Halloween City has different activity themes every day, giving you different surprises every day!!!

There will be prizes for answering questions, and we will also give you different Halloween City-limited gifts!!!

Don’t miss it if you pass by, and hurry up to arrange your itinerary to have fun in Taoyuan!

theme night

10/22 (Sunday) ~ 10/27 (Friday)

10/29 (Sunday) ~ 10/31 (Tuesday)

Activity time: 19:00 ~ 20:00

Location: Main Stage – Greedy Big Mouth


Theme night

Performance items


10/22 (Sunday)

Night of Cherishing Blessings

Second hand Stomp percussion group

  • The percussion band uses recycled materials to make percussion instruments to play familiar melodies.
  • People bring recycled resources that can make sounds (such as PET bottles) to the stage. After confirmation by the staff, they can redeem 1 Halloween-shaped bun or steamed bun (limited to 100)

10/23 (Monday)

Music night

Violinist duo performing together

The duo violinist Crystal/Tang An join forces to play a song rich in the aroma of food.

10/24 (Tuesday)

Magic night

Magician show

The magician Lai Bao turned around and conjured up Taoyuan specialties and presented them to the public, a total of 5 copies.

10/25 (Wednesday)

Play night

Let's play - clown show

Limited edition Halloween city-shaped balloons are given away (limited to 100 copies).

10/26 (Thursday)

Dance night

Cheerleading performance + LUCY aerobics

  • The National University Athletics Cheerleading Team performed, and the host led the audience to dance with LUCY aerobics!
  • As long as you dress up and come to the scene to take photos with Pikachu, the host of the power generation session, or Director Zhou of the Tourism Bureau, you can get 1 Energizer battery power bank (limited to 100 copies)

10/27 (Friday)

Taoyuan Night

Taoyuan big stars stand up

If you have elements of Hokkien, Hakka, aboriginal, or new residents, use the microphone to say “I love Taoyuan” in the language of the ethnic group and you will get 1 copy of the event promotional material (limited to 100 copies)

10/29 (Sunday)

Folklore night

Asian ghosts and monsters come forward

Cosplay into any Asian ghost shape and you will get 1 set of styled buns or steamed buns (limited to 100 copies)

10/30 (Monday)

international night

Dance circus stunt show

New Elephant Creation Troupe joins hands with Ukrainian circus stunt masters to demonstrate cool circus stunts.

10/31 (Tuesday)

Looking for sweets

YA! Go begging for candy

1. Children of all ages dress up and come to Halloween City to go around the streets begging for sweets.

2. Randomly get the pumpkin pacifier candy hidden in the store, and you can go to the Halloween hut to exchange for a marshmallow! (Limited to 100 copies)