Taoyuan Halloween City costume concert is about to start, Chen Fangyu and Gu Gu will make a surprise appearance in costume!

Taoyuan Halloween City’s “Dress Up Music Party” will make its grand debut on October 21st, and the singers will sing enthusiastically!

“2023 Taoyuan Halloween City – Magic Kitchen” will be held grandly at Taoyuan Cultural Plaza from October 21st to October 31st. It will be the longest Halloween event in the calendar year for 11 days. On the first day, many powerful singers will be invited to sing enthusiastically , transform into a stunning character and join the fun!

The “Halloween Costume Music Party” will be co-hosted by sweet actress Yu Shan and Japanese actor Feng Tian, ​​and invites heavy-hitting cast members including Gugu Lu Siwei, Kimberley Chen Fangyu, Bai An, Bolin PoLin, Hong Weizhe, ALL IN 5. Eight groups of artists, including Li Zonglin and Afu, appeared in costumes to kick off Taoyuan Halloween City – Magic Kitchen and thrill the audience!

On October 28th, the “Halloween Costume Contest” will be followed by the “Double Dressing Electronic Music Party”, everyone’s PARTY TIME!

The “Halloween Costume Contest” invites well-known domestic Cosplayers to serve as judges. It is divided into three categories: “Individual Group”, “Group Group” and “Pet Group”. On-site registration is open to contestants. There is no limit to the costume theme. Friends of all ages and furry children are invited. Let’s play tricks together and challenge today’s most eye-catching celebrity! In the evening, the “Double Dressing Electronic Music Party” is taking over, and the most exciting DJ SHOW has landed in Taoyuan again, singing and dancing to the most popular songs without stopping. Two events will make a stunning debut on October 28, making Taoyuan a PARTY day and night. TIME, party all day long!

The whole family is mobilized! “Street Parade” and “Trick or Treat” start lively

Taoyuan is transformed into a Halloween carnival. During the event, the brothers and sisters of the parent-child idol group – MOMO Family (22nd) and YOYO Family (29th) will lead the dance on Sunday. The huge lineup welcomes the whole family to have a Halloween in Taoyuan city!

At 2:30 pm on October 29th, the whole family joined hands and went out for the “street parade”, starting from the Art Green Park Road to the Art Plaza, and distributed limited edition Halloween-shaped pumpkin marshmallows on site. The innocence of a child! On the night of Halloween, October 31, at 7pm, “Trick or Treat”, everyone is welcome to invite friends and friends to dress up and go to the streets to ask for candy, seize the tail of Halloween and enjoy the happiest moment!

Welcome to the Halloween City Metaverse! Halloween City Exclusive AR and NFT

For the first time this year, AR filters are combined to make Halloween City more fun and better to take pictures. Turn on the filters and transform into original characters such as Face Mummy, Bubblegum Witch or Acai Vampire, bringing a new experience to Halloween City; during the event, at the venue Scan the Qrcode to register an account to receive daily limited edition Halloween City NFT collection commemorations. Present the NFT to a cooperative store to exchange for limited edition good products. Collect 6 NFTs now!

A complete guide to accommodation and transportation in Halloween City, so you can have fun without any worries

Director Zhou Baiyin of the Taoyuan Tourism Bureau said that this year Halloween City invites Taoyuan hoteliers to launch an accommodation discount plan in response to the “Taoyuan Halloween City Visit Taoyuan Halloween City, book a room and purchase high-speed rail tickets to enjoy a 35% discount! The great value offer is recommended for families, relatives and friends to stay and travel in Taoyuan.

After arriving at Taoyuan Railway Station and Tongling Department Store, people can transfer to bus routes such as GR, 151, 168, 188, 302, and 707, and get off at the “Zhongzheng Arts and Cultural Zone” or “Nanping Zhongzheng Intersection” bus stops to go to the venue. There are also routes 189, 220, 302 and 707 in the direction of the transfer station to reach the Halloween event venue. For relevant bus updates, please visit the Taoyuan Bus Update Information System (https://ebus.tycg.gov.tw/ebus/).

The parking space around the holiday venue is limited. Tong’an Elementary School and Ciwen Elementary School will be open for parking on October 21, 22, 28, and 29. Alternatively, you can park your automobiles and motorcycles at the “Xin Yonghe Market Parking Lot” and transfer for free pick-up. Shuttle bus, we once again encourage everyone to take public transportation to the venue.

Taoyuan Halloween City will be lively from October 21st to October 31st, from 5 pm to 10 pm on weekdays and from 12 noon to 10 pm on holidays. People are welcome to dress up and have fun. For detailed event information, please stay tuned to 2023 Taoyuan Halloween City event official website (https://halloweencity.tycg.gov.tw/).

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Witch fantasy world

Mummy quicksand bag

Funny Pumpkin Steamed Buns

Wuji Zombie Steamed Buns

Taoyuan Halloween City "Dress Up Music Party" host and singer cast

Taoyuan Halloween City "Dress Up Music Party" hosts Fengtian and Yushan

Taoyuan Halloween City "Dress Up Music Party" singers Gugu Lu Siwei and Kimberley Chen Fangyu

Taoyuan Halloween City "Dress Up Music Party" singer Hong Wei-zhe and ALL IN 5

Taoyuan Halloween City "Dress Up Music Party" singers Afu and Li Zonglin