“Eatable Halloween” is in Taoyuan! Preview of five super cute original characters in Magic Kitchen

Taoyuan Halloween City 10/21 – 10/31 is bustling at Art Plaza

The annual funny event “Taoyuan Halloween City” will be held on October 21st! The Taoyuan City Government will grandly hold the 4th “2023 Taoyuan Halloween City” this year, planning the longest Halloween event in the calendar year for 11 days, and will accompany friends of all ages to have fun all the way until Halloween on October 31! This year’s Taoyuan Cultural Plaza will be transformed into a “magic kitchen”, allowing everyone to experience the most delicious Halloween. There will also be many rich activities on site, including Halloween costume concerts, Halloween costume contests, electronic music parties, and Halloween stampedes. Street and stage parent-child activities and various theme markets are full of different surprises every day to accompany everyone to spend a happy Halloween!

Evil and harmless, scary and cute! Preview of five super cute original characters in Magic Kitchen

This year, Halloween City brings 5 ​​funny and cute original characters, running through the theme of “Educable Halloween”. They include the greedy “Acai Vampire” who likes to sleep in coffins and eats coffin boards and Daxi dried beans. “, the “Mianmian Mummy” who loves to eat noodles so she ties noodles to her body and is obsessed with Longgang Rice Dried Rice; the “Bubblegum Witch” who likes to take pictures everywhere and visit magical cafes and is an internet beauty in desserts; Taiwan’s most popular QQ player, naughty and cute “QQ Pumpkin Ball”, and finally “Agan Zombie” who loves eating dried fruits from Guishan. The five characters represent various popular delicacies in Taoyuan, and special meals exclusively developed by Halloween City will be produced for the public to try. You can also Interact and play with ghosts and monsters through AR filters, giving everyone an unforgettable Halloween season.

There are 6 must-see Halloween installations at the event site, including “Vampire Blood Red House”, “Rainbow Witch Cafe”, “Mummy Chinese Restaurant”, “Pumpkin Halloween QQ Ball”, “Halloween Hut” and the main stage “Gluttony” “Big Mouth” invites people to dress up and enter the venue together to experience the magical atmosphere and enjoy the fun of taking photos and checking in while devouring delicious food and becoming an internet beauty! .

The most exciting Halloween carnival in Taiwan, exciting every night

“2023 Taoyuan Halloween City” has become one of Taoyuan’s iconic events. After the epidemic was lifted this year, the city government expanded and created a number of themed activities, inviting both adults and children to participate. During the event, different special themes were designed from Monday to Friday. Night, Saturday and Sunday, the “Halloween Costume Contest” and “Street Parade” will be held, as well as Taiwan’s only “Halloween Costume Concert”. There will also be exciting animation performances every night, and the event lasts for 11 days The content is super rich and exciting every night, so you definitely can’t miss it! The whole family is welcome, adults and children can enjoy a visual and auditory feast together, turning Taoyuan into the most exciting Halloween carnival in Taiwan! Taoyuan Halloween Town is open from October 21st to October 31st, from 5 pm to 10 pm on weekdays, and from 12 noon to 10 pm on holidays. For detailed event information, please continue to follow Facebook “Taoyuan” ( https ://reurl.cc/DAzr5Q ) query.

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"2023 Taoyuan Halloween City" key visual poster

A wealthy vampire

Welcome to the blood-red vampire house! Vampire A Cai likes to hide in coffins to sleep, and also likes to eat coffin boards. He likes all kinds of food, and thinks Daxi dried beans and peanut candy are also very good.

Face mummy

He is a noodle promoter who loves noodles. He loves noodles so much that he wears them all over his body. He specializes in making delicious noodles, and is especially obsessed with Longgang dried rice.

Agan zombie

A Gan opened a barbecue restaurant. He loves eating fruits and likes to eat the delicious dried fruits hidden in Guishan. He usually has a drink late at night with the delicious barbecue fried food he bakes.

Bubblegum witch

Her hobbies are drinking coffee and making desserts. She is determined to make the most delicious desserts. She likes to take pictures everywhere and pick up coffee spots. She is a real Internet beauty. Welcome to meet her for coffee at the Rainbow Witch Cafe!

QQ pumpkin ball

Pumpkin suddenly became the most popular QQ ball in Taiwan! The pumpkin ball is always jumping around. It is very interested in everything and has a pure heart. Its naughty appearance makes people want to take a bite.

Greedy and big mouth

Halloween hut

Rainbow Witch Cafe

Vampire's Red House

Pumpkin Halloween QQ Ball

Mummy Chinese Restaurant