Jingfu Palace

The century-old Gyeongbokgung Palace is the "big temple" among the locals. It is not only a local religious center, but also an important hub of urban development from ancient times to the present. The early Zhongzheng Road and Minsheng Road were named after Gyeongbokgung Palace. As the center, it spreads out to all directions to form a business district. Gyeongbokgung Palace, which has witnessed the glory of Taoyuan for a century, has now become the first choice medium for people to understand the historical trajectory of this land.

Nanchang Forest Sports Park

Nanchang Forest Sports Park was originally the camp of the 21st Artillery Command of the Army. The Ministry of National Defense signed an agreement The Ministry of National Defense and the City Government signed an agreement to revitalize and transform various kinds of facilities, including a wind and rain leisure square, a semi-indoor open Basketball courts, badminton courts and billiards halls have become good places for people to relax. , including a wind and rain leisure square, a semi-indoor open Basketball courts, badminton courts and billiards halls have become good places for people to relax. It is worth mentioning that the park has been renovated to preserve the original ecology. The city government has also adopted a "tree priority, runway turning" method to turn or bypass the runway. The facilities have become the characteristic landscape of the park.

No. 120, Xiangshan Street, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City

Dayou Terraces Ecological Park is located at the foot of the northwest side of Hutou Mountain Scenic Area, at the bottom of Minfu 13th Street (next to Dayou Fire Brigade). It covers an area of ​​about 2.1 hectares.There are three major areas: ecological terraces area, beautiful food and lighting area and forest challenge area. area, there are also fitness facilities, hammocks and hanging chair rest areas suitable for all ages in the surrounding areas to fully serve people of all ages. Stroll along the green trails next to the park and the Hutou Mountain Scenic Area, leave the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy Natural fragrance.

(Text provided by: Municipal Works Bureau)

Taolin Railway

The Taolin Railway used to carry coal mines and was transformed into a passenger commuter train. After Taoyuan was upgraded, the city government actively promoted the Taolin Railway Corridor Revitalization Plan and built Taolin Railway Bicycles, attracting many people to come to ride bicycles and walk. During the campaign, phosphorescent stones were laid on the footpaths along Minguang East Road and Sanyuan Street in Taoyuan District, which shine beautifully at night, as if the "Starry Night" in Van Gogh's painting came to mind, and the idle railway was transformed into the most beautiful Avenue of Stars.

(Text provided by: Municipal Works Bureau)

Hutou Mountain Park is adjacent to the city of Taoyuan. Its elevated terrain preserves a rich urban green landscape. It is known as the "Back Garden of Taoyuan". There are multiple trail systems planned in the park, differentiated by color.

The Taoyuan City Martyrs' Shrine, located on Hutou Mountain in Taoyuan City, Completed in 1938. It is the most well-preserved shrine in Taiwan from the period of Japanese rule in Taiwan. The architectural style is a blend of the Tang style of ancient China, the Japanese style, and the modern style of Taiwan, and is constructed with the finest Taiwanese cypress. It was officially declared a municipal monument through a public announcement in 1994 and was selected as a filming location for the movie "KANO" for its special historical and cultural values, which leads visitors to feel the memories of the 1930's in depth.

(Text provided by: Taoyuan City Government Confucius Temple and Martyrs’ Shrine Joint Management Office)

You can easily capture a 360-degree panoramic view of Taoyuan without heading to a high altitude! Less than 5 kilometers away from Taoyuan Railway Station, the environmental protection park in Hutoushan Mountain is only 251 meters above sea level, but it is the commanding height of the city. Therefore, it has an unobstructed view of the bright stars and city lights, which has always been a local attraction. Popular scenic spots for viewing.

After Nankan River has been renovated in recent years, there are extensive green spaces along the river, and the water quality is clean and pleasant. Under the government's planning, Taoyuan's first waterfront bicycle lane came into being, and it has become a multi-functional recreational waterfront with diverse leisure facilities such as Taoyuan's First Riverside Park, Qingxi Rainbow Bridge and Pet Demonstration Park.

"Taoyuan 77 Art Town" was formerly the Japanese-style dormitory complex of Taoyuan Police Department. It is located in the business district in front of Taoyuan Railway Station. It is planned as a historical building. After renovation by the city government, it was revitalized into a cultural and creative park. It is one of Taoyuan's most popular photo-taking spots. There are a variety of spaces, areas and performances, and the garden space is full of artistic and cultural atmosphere, which make it a pleasant place to walk in a harmonious style and enjoy a slow-living stroll.

(Text provided by: Nanachi Art Buncho)

Liberty pencils are a common memory for Taiwanese students. Liberty Stationery established more than a century ago, it has transformed its factory to present a new look. In addition to historical displays and stationery production processes, there are also plenty of activities, such as giant stationery displays for public to take a photo with, DIY workshops, stationery stores, and Italian-style restaurants.

Nanqiao Taoyuan Tourist Experience Factory is the first tourist factory in Guishan Industrial Zone. It has a number of DIY activities and also has exotic food restaurants, including Thai, Chinese, Western, etc., to satisfy the taste buds of all kinds of foodies. A tourist factory where you can enjoy education and enjoy delicious food.

Asia's only International Spotlight Robot Tourism Factory is located in Taoyuan, with seven themed areas: Anywhere in Time, Transmission Wisdom Island, Science and Technology Paradise, Art and Culture Stage, Cosmic Arena, Future Formula, and Taoyuan Innovation Island, where various types of interactive robots of different natures and professional engineers are available in each area to provide visitors with hands-on experience in experiencing the magic of robot transmission, as well as various courses for all ages, enabling people to learn the spirit of empirical proof and problem-solving skills through practical work, and allowing knowledge to be put into practical use.

(Source: Xiangyi Robot Dream Factory)